A harmony of here and there

If all of LA could be sampled in one place, K-Town would be it. It’s not just the big, popular haunts, it’s all the fascinating, one-of-kind delicious treasures around every corner. It’s a melting pot within a melting pot of local curiosities and experiences, and just beyond, all of Los Angeles from Downtown to Sunset to Culver City are only a short commute away. Plan an excursion down any lane and prepare to be surprised, enchanted and enriched with every new discovery.

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Roya’s central location puts you close to some of the West Coast’s most important financial, educational and creative work hubs. Venture even further and a nearby Metro station will connect you to DTLA, Hollywood and beyond.
For the adventurous palate or the connoisseur of diverse comfort food favorites, you’ll find what you’re looking for here. Huddle around the delightfully adventurous offerings of Here's Looking at You or meet friends at Tokki for truffle kimchi fried rice. A tapestry of rich tastes, textures and culinary experiences await.
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Wiltern Theatre Marque Sign
Saunter down the sidewalks of K-Town with your eyes, ears and mind wide open. From a vibrant nightlife packed with a myriad of karaoke bars to live entertainment at the legendary Wiltern Theater to late night dining, life just got more interesting.